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Our Friends of the Ministry

We would not be a successful ministry without many people working together to help foster families.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of our workforce and we want to be faithful to provide opportunities which benefit both volunteer groups and individuals, as well as the foster families we serve. 

We encourage you to check out the various areas we regularly need assistance.  If something fits your gifts and talents, please fill out the volunteer form.  Some positions may require a background check. 


We would love to chat with you about your desire to volunteer at the James Project, but our forms are having technical difficulties. Please contact 
or call our office phone at
(217) 546-3532
for more information!

Closet 1:27

Closet 1:27 Clothing Organizer
TIME COMMITMENT: 1 hour weekly, biweekly, or monthly—hours flexible
SKILL REQUIREMENTS: Must be highly organized with an understanding of clothing sizes for children and teens.
DUTIES: Come to Closet 1:27 at your convenience and sort through the donated clothing and size, and hang or fold appropriately.  May work alone or with friends. 

Closet Delivery Person
TIME COMMITMENT: Is an “on call” position requiring 1-1 ½ hour per delivery
SKILL REQUIREMENTS: Must be a “people person” and be flexible to take a delivery to a foster family within 24 hours.
DUTIES: Verify requests with case workers via phone, call foster parents to schedule deliveries, “shop” at Closet 1:27 for requested items, and make delivery to a foster family within 24 hours. 

Bed Delivery Person
TIME COMMITMENT: An “on call” position requiring 1-2 hours per delivery
SKILL REQUIREMENTS: Must have a truck and be able to lift a twin mattress and frame, and then be able to assemble for the foster family.  Position requires a background check.
DUTIES: Once you receive a call for a delivery, go to Closet 1:27, pick up the mattress and frame, call the foster family, and deliver.  Many deliveries will require assembling the bed.

The James Project Homes & Families

Yard Work and/or Garden Maintenance
TIME COMMITMENT: This may be done weekly, monthly or as twice a year clean-up.  2 of our yards are very small, while 2 are larger and sloped.
DUTIES: If you have a green thumb or enjoy working outdoors, we can always use someone to help with the mowing, raking, picking up leaves, planting flowers, weeding, or mulching.

TIME COMMITMENT: This may be done weekly, monthly or as twice a year for deep cleaning.  Weekly would involve approximately 1 hour for 1 person; 2 hours for 1 person monthly; or 3-4 hours for 1 person doing a spring or fall cleaning.
DUTIES: Cleaning can include everything from cleaning an empty house in preparation of a new family moving in, or weekly cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen, dusting, and sweeping.  For empty homes awaiting families, the work would be very quick and light since the homes were thoroughly cleaned after the previous family moved out.

TIME COMMITMENT: As time allows; an agreement would be reached between yourself and the foster family.
DUTIES: If you love doing laundry, you could be a blessing to a busy foster mom.  You could wash towels and sheets, clothing of one specific child or multiple children, and complete the task depending on your time and desire.

TIME COMMITMENT: Weekly; during the school year or the summer months.
DUTIES: Most foster children need extra help with school, and foster parents are so grateful when their child can receive this extra tutoring to help them achieve success.  Our goal is to help the children in our foster families have the best possible chance to succeed in life.  A program plan would be decided upon between the foster parent, teacher, and tutor.

Meal Delivery Person
TIME COMMITMENT: To pick up meals that have already been prepared and deliver them to foster families takes 1 hour per 2 families and an additional 15 minutes if you choose to do all 4.  If you volunteer to prepare a meal and deliver (this is usually needed in the summer months only) the time would be dependent on your schedule and time available.
DUTIES: This might include making meals and delivering them to families, or simply delivering meals prepared by church groups.  For example, Central Baptist Church prepares meals for our families that need to be delivered at dinnertime.  This is a great job for families to do together.

Ministry & Administrative

Grant Research & Writing
TIME COMMITMENT: Hours based on the available time you have to give.
DUTIES: If you have experience with grant writing or desire to research grants available to us, we would be grateful for your help.

Errand Runner
TIME COMMITMENT: Hours based on your time available; this is an “on-call” position.  If we call and you are not available, feel free to tell us and we will call another volunteer.
DUTIES: Our ministry is often in need of people to pick up donated items, drop off donated items, or run other errands that may be needed.  Timeframe for pickups and deliveries are flexible.

Cookie Committee
TIME COMMITMENT: However long it takes to bake and deliver cookies!
DUTIES: As a thank you to various businesses and agencies that have blessed The James Project, we deliver cookies to them.  You could be our ambassador of Thanks! 


Fundraiser Idea Team
TIME COMMITMENT: 3 – 4 meetings per year, plus research time based on your availability.
DUTIES: Fundraising is an ongoing need of all ministries, and we are always looking for original and captivating ideas to involve the community, churches, and individuals with our project.  Currently we need help with the Prairie Farm’s for a Cause Program, expansion of our Schnucks eScrip cards, and help researching venues where we can hold our Box Lunch sales.

Personal Shoppers

Deal Finders
TIME COMMITMENT: As your schedule allows
DUTIES: Intrigued by this one?  There are those who love to find deals, (retail, wholesale, and online specials) that would benefit our families and help us form a relationship with programs that offer support for The James Project.  These deals could include clothing, furnishings, groceries/sundries, shoes, etc.  We always have a Wish List!

Extreme Couponer
TIME COMMITMENT: As your schedule allows
DUTIES: This could have endless possibilities to help our families stretch their dollars.  Large foster families are hugely impacted when they have help buying items like breakfast cereals, canned goods, paper products, soap products, shoes, tickets for movies, bowling, putt-putt golf and more.  Coupons of this nature are available and we would love to be able to utilize your skills to help our foster families.


We are not all called to become a foster parent, but we are called to do what we can—and, we can all do something.

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